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New Amstrad demo... for an NC100!

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I attended the long-running (for us Aussies) Syntax demoparty down in Melbourne this past weekend. Since my 6128 was 2cm too long for my luggage, I needed something else to write a demo submission on, so I pulled my NC100 out of storage. It's just a simple rotozoomer and scroller, but it placed 2nd in the Wild category (missed out by 1 point!)

Sadly my NC100 is a bit the worse for wear, with a cold joint somewhere that causes memory corruption pretty regularly (which is a real hassle when there's only battery-backed memory as storage, and the only way to get files across is to download via a serial cable... the number of times I had to pull batteries and reload the entire demo just to make it through the party was nuts.) Not to mention picking a platform with no video output, a low-contrast LCD and a busted speaker to try and show live at the party... let nobody say I shy away from a challenge :)

Cool demo. You need to upgrade to an NC200 and make demos for that. :)


That’s so cool!

Now, can we fit the Abbey of Crime in a NC200?...  :P

Oh, and please let us know where can we download it!

It's up on, and there's a link on the demozoo page here:

You're somewhat on your own for actually getting it on to an NC100 though. "*EXEC sui.bas.txt" then "RUN" in BBC Basic should get it started.

Is there a video of it? :)


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