New Amstrad NC100/200 emulator

Started by EtchedPixels, 00:09, 28 June 21

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I needed one for some development work and it seemed easier to write a new one than rework the existing stuff
Currently I have it emulating the main parts of the system and floppy drive but not the sound or serial and printer ports (beyond them being a black hole). Video is done via SDL so it ought to port from Linux fairly easily, and it gives you a nice scaleable window at nearly no effort. I plan to address serial at some point and maybe printing but I probably won't bother with sound.

Within the limits of the emulation it runs all the NC100, NC150 and NC200 code I've tested (given the right ROM images)
make nc100 nc200


Nice work!

I've compiled it without any major problems (but for z80dis.h and z80dis.c not having a newline at the end of file) on MacOS.

Regarding other emulators, have you tried it on MAME?



z80dis end of line tweaks pushed.
I did look briefly at mame, and less briefly at the mame docs and I couldn't even figure out whether it was supposed to be a working port or not  :D


Oh, it sure works. I even managed to compile it to web assembly and run it from a web page  ;D

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