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New NFL Season

Started by GeoffB17, 00:15, 03 September 15

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Hello any other NFL fans,

With the new season just about to start, I'm just thinking about the two (that I know of) NFL games for the PCW.   Both dating back to 1988 or so.   Don't know if they would be considered 'abandonware' nowadays?

HEAD COACH was much the bigger of the two.   This was a pretty details simulation of the whole thing, from training camp to Superbowl.   Used the complete league, your team was inserted into the structure (replacing an existing team) and thereafter could go through the whole season.   Just about everything that could happen in the real thing was reflected.   Not a great deal of graphics, although the game play did have some hints of such.   Far more strategy.   Actually, I was involved in this, Colin Adams (where is he now ?) had produced a BBC version (BASIC), and I heard about it, and wondered about the possibility of converting it for the PCW.   I contacted Colin, and he was a bit septical, but he did send me a BBC version with all the .BAS and data files.   I got the files wired through to the PCW (I think I borrowed a BBC from someone ?) and I started converting everything, and gradually Colin decided to come on board.   We got the prog running very well, taking advantage of the PCW screen etc.   No idea how many copies he sold, but he later did a PC version as well.   Anyway, I have the system, including accessible BASIC files (maybe for an earlier version ?)

Just before this game came along, there was another variant, this was called LINEBACKER (it was released with another BASIC game, an 'fantasy' text adventure including a slightly (?) risque plot-line that, if I remember rightly, might even be considered somewhat sexist nowadays?   However, the NFL game was pretty good.   A far more limited focus than HEAD COACH, LB covered only an actual game, where you could name your team and the opponent however you chose.   The play was pretty detailed, and there was a certain amount of (crude ?) animation as each play progressed (bird's-eye view of the whole pitch).   I think the play progressed through 2 or three frames from snap to completion.

Anyone remember anything about either of these?  Anyone interested?  Copyright permitting???

Geoff Barnard - NFL fan since 197? ( when the LA Raiders were good, and I think Plunkett was their QB)


Anything not preserved is always welcome, so feel free to post it here, or send me a pm.


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