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Started by TynH, 05:23, 22 June 21

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Hi just made a very basic video demonstrating a telnet session and PCW in general.


Nice one!

Bit concerned that your C: user area is empty. Did I supply the DOM? Can't remember...  :doh:


You did indeed  ;D
Sorry btw for not really mentioning you and your work more prominently. Should've planned the video a bit better I guess!   


What hardware did you use to be online? What did you use with the RS232 interface. Can you tell me the hardware you are using?
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Hi sorry for the delay! Used the original Amstrad serial interface

D 25 to 9 pin adapter

and RS 232 to WiFi bridge adapter:

Other serial to wifi adapters are available, including a D-Sub 25 version which didn't work for me but your mileage may vary!

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