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Get files in/out of image file

Started by GeoffB17, 00:18, 08 December 21

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What's the most convenient way to add, or extract, files from an image.

I can do this no problem, using Joyce with 'folder' drives active so I can use an image within Joyce and copy files in/out to the folder drive (i.e. C:) which are then accessible via DOS/WinDoze when I exit Joyce.

Or, within Joyce, there are the IMPORT/EXPORT utilites.

Maybe a little bit more long winded, using the real PCW, I could copy files to a real floppy and then create an image it it, or the other direction, take an existing image and write it to a real disk, then extract files to another disk I can read directly on a PC.

BUT - is there any software (not a full emulator) that you can run on a PC that can access an image (.DSK) and access indiv files and add files, or copy off indiv ones.   Again, no problem to 'inspect' the image, I can just use a hex editor on the image file and see what files are there, and even get an idea of the size of them from the alloc info.



Hi Geoff, I use to open images and add files. I hope it helps you


Thanks very much.

Just had a little play, and this may well do the job.   There are a couple of 'oddities' that are not too friendly, , but I'll have to work around them.

I assume the reference to 'Headers' is a CPC thing.   If I'm dealing with PCW/CP/M files then I disregard that.

Not sure about the Binary/ASCII thing, I'd need to always leave the file unaltered.   Is that what the 'User Choice' refers to, i.e. leave along.



Hello again, I do not understand it either, I send you the latest version that I have with instructions. I hope it is useful to you


If not working in JOYCE, I use command-line programs -- usually cpmtools under Linux, though my own mkp3fs is another way of constructing a disk image from one or more files.


You can also use Habi's excellent CP/M Box emulator which allows you to just copy the files from the disk straight to a folder on your PC.



I've got the PCW prog, and I've used the prog for a few things, but I've not seen any links in the prog to PC drives.  Only the references to A: and B:.   But then, I'm not really a WinDoze person.   Was there something involving the dreaded 'drag-and-drop' which I still struggle with!



It's quite easy to set up.

Go to the options->emulation menu, and then to the "Mapping" tab.

Click the "Enable" check box and select the folder that will be mapped as M: drive in the PCW emulation.

Copying files from a disk image to the M: drive, will make these files appear in the folder you selected on your PC.

The same way, if you want to insert something into a disk image, copy it to that folder on your PC and inside the emulator copy it from the M: drive to the disk image in A: or B:

Hope this helps!



Yes, I've now got an M: drive active, and yes, as a directory it's accessible to normal operations on the PC, which is a big help.

The Joyce system is more fiddly to set up, but the benefit is that the folder drives can be MUCH bigger, and can handle User areas.

I just thought - is that so?

So I went back and tested it.

In M:, I copied a file to m1: and it appeared to work.  I went into M1 and the file showed.  I came out, and checked the dir, and no sign of the file supposed to be in M1:.  I went back into PCW and the file was NOT there any more, so the copy working was temporary ONLY, or an illusion?  Is that notes in the 'Help' notes?

Another edit.  As far as I can see, the Help Notes do not say anything about this.  Joyce uses a faked filename to record the User number, there is no way a PC filename can reliably record a User Number. The oddity is that the prog gives the impression that it IS doing it, when it is not.   This is NOT a complaint.   A real PCW loses EVERYTHING on M: when it's turned off, this prog at least keeps anything in User 0!!


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