Output video from the NC100 to serial

Started by Baracus, 06:53, 26 July 22

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The NC100 has a function that dump the content of the screen buffer on a file; basically a way to create screenshots.

This is cool but not really that useful for most part; so I was thinking if there was a way to redirect the video output to serial port, so I could connect the NC100 to something like a linux machine and use it with the output going to the screen of the linux machine instead of the screen of the NC100.

This is for 2 reasons: first is to get a better resolution than the one you get from the onboard LCD, and second is that if the LCD break, I can continue to use the device as is with its software, but with the output going to another computer via serial port. Anyone tried this?


ZCN can do this for text (only) if you do "|s". The obvious problem with doing it graphically is that the serial port is too slow for it to be practical. Even at 19200 bps a full 480x64 NC100 screen would take 2 seconds to send.


The parallel port should be faster than serial port, like it was on PC to transfer files with the msdos program whose name I forgot (or laplink).
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Well, in principle you could have some sort of custom hardware on the memory card slot I suppose, which could presumably manage higher transfer rates with suitable software. But it would take a lot of effort to get something like that working, for not much gain given that emulators exist.

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