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Started by caver99, 20:24, 23 August 20

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Hi all

long time since ive had a pcw and ive just picked up an 8512, no system disks or anything so ive popped in a gotek and have locoscript and cpm up and running
is there anywhere that has any dsk files of the software for the pcw.


Please see the PCW 8256 games archive thread lower down on page 1.


I will be making a large post soon with CPM images, manuals, games, productivity software, Start of Day disks etc.


See the post by Jevicac, a great source of games & productivity software.


Unfortunately I have around 1.8-2GB of manuals, magazines, games and software to post but a lot of which is too large to attach here.

I did add CP/M boot disk images to my thread.  I'm quite happy with my CP/M start of day disks.


Which Gotec did you install?

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