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Title: PCW Memory Upgrade
Post by: danhans42 on 16:48, 19 March 21
Hey All,

Managed to pick up a PcW9256+ that was in bad shape as a lockdown project. Monitor doesnt sync, floppy belt perished etc. Im going to come back to those bits later as I have it working on my LCD and have also wired up a Samsung floppy that seems to be working perfectly. My idea is to have a play around with some of the hardware I have left over from old projects and see if I can get anything working. I have lots of stuff kicking around (Flash, SRAM, Dual Port SRAM, PSoC's CF adapters, various PLD's, programmers, I2C controllers and UARTS)

I have played around with CPLD/FPGA/PLD's in the past and currently have a USB controller talking on the bus, using a ATF22v10 to handle the address decoding. This will (when I get some code working with it) allow me to transfer files between linux and the PCW.

However, one thing I cant seem to find anywhere are any schematics or otherwise talking about RAM expansions.  I have quite a bit of SRAM kicking around, and wondered if its possible to use that as actual RAM. Does anyone have any links to any info on how one can go about this?

I know I can stick another 256k in the empty sockets (ill order some of that RAM soon), I am m more thinking of sticking some more on the expansion port, if possible to take it beyond the 512kb?



EDIT: Attached a pic of my current setup
Title: Re: PCW Memory Upgrade
Post by: robcfg on 00:46, 20 March 21
Well, there were memory expansions for the expansion port, like http://habisoft.com/pcwwiki/doku.php?id=es:hardware:perifericos:rampac

Maybe the service manuals can be of help: http://habisoft.com/pcwwiki/doku.php?id=en:manuales_servicio
Title: Re: PCW Memory Upgrade
Post by: danhans42 on 11:55, 20 March 21
Aha thanks for the reply and info.

I actually was bidding on one of those unit on eBay the other week but went for more than k wanted to pay.

Came across this that seems fairly straightforward, untested however..