PCW on the internet??! Telnet?? IRC??

Started by empirerecords, 21:26, 13 November 12

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Hey all

Is it possible to get a PCW on the web? Obviously i don't mean to use a browser or anything but... is it possible to get it on IRC? or get it onto Telnet??

I've seen this http://www.cpcwiki.eu/index.php/File:Cps8256-case-upper.jpg could this be used?

I had a commodore 64 which i got online... just wondered if it could be done with the PCW too...?

What can be done?? What can't be done? please fill me in! :)


The retro way of doing it, would be to get one of these: CPS-8256 seriell / parallel Interface Schneider Joyce PCW dt. Centronics Stecker
and connect an analogue modem to it. That way you could at least connect to ISPs that still offer analogue dial-up. I don't think there are any modern expansions to get you a better connection.
Not sure what software is available either.



Is there anyway to dial up to another PC on the network like modem to modem to then share the broadband between the 2 machines (limited at 14/28/56k obviously...) ??

I have seen that device... very interesting indeed! What would the not so retro way of doing it be??



Quote from: Bryce on 23:06, 13 November 12
Telnet to a Linux box.

You probably need to use a "slip" connection to a linux box. it acts as the gateway for the internet traffic.
connect to it via a rs232 interface (the cps thing).

the more modern equivalent, but which may not be possible on the pcw is the ppp protocol.
I believe slip is simpler.


I'm guessing that is the only way for the pcw at this time?

True telnet can be used over this connection.

the potential problem is that ppp requires an ip stack.
*however* if there was a port of contiki to the pcw which used cps, then that would work.

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Ohhh SLIP, this brings back memories... 

Last night they had Art of War, that ancient horrible movie, on TV and they showed the screen of a '95 box dialing up... soooo high-tech! :D


SLIP requires an IP stack too (Serial Line IP, I believe). PPP is just a more modern version of more-or-less the same thing

To connect to most UNIX/Linux boxes you don't need any of this though, just a serial connection and a terminal emulator on the PCW. Set up the Linux/UNIX box to run a console over serial and you're done. Then you can use it for irc/shell access or whatever. You either want to add a single line to /etc/inittab (a getty line... in fact most distros have a line there that you just uncomment and change the baud rate to what you want) or you can have one from boot up by adding a line to the linux boot command line. Something like console=/dev/ttyS0,9600,8n1, if memory serves (for the first serial port /dev/ttyS0 on a PC, at 9600 baud, 8 bits, no stop bits 1 parity). I don't think that's quite right, but you can find he right stuff easily by googling.


There is a browser for the PCW, but I dunno if the project is (dis)continued. I post a link as soon as I remember its name.
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Wouldn't it be simple to have a CP/M based net solution?

This could be a nice way to have it working on most Z80 machines as well, perhaps (still the hardware solution would need to be easily available too).


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mike osullivan

Well sorry for digging up this post but: if you guys wanna surf the net on your PCW then this is what you need :-


see this guys latest blog loads of PCW gui goodness:


Yes web browser still actively maintained it seems. :)

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