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Re: Pac-Mania (PCW)
« Reply #25 on: 21:57, 12 November 18 »

Something odd here.

The original file I got said in the header of the file that it was extended format.   The new file says it's normal CPC EMU.

But the two files are the same size.   I've always understood that extended format saved some extra data, and hence the .DSK was slightly larger.

I'm wondering if the original file said it was extended when in fact it wasn't, which may explain why some things had trouble with it?


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Re: Pac-Mania (PCW)
« Reply #26 on: 23:06, 12 November 18 »
I think that extended files *can* have extra info that the standard does not have, but it’s not a must.

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Re: Pac-Mania (PCW)
« Reply #27 on: 23:08, 12 November 18 »
You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help.
Both formats are quite similar; in fact, if there are no protection both files tend to be of the same size. But they have different file and track headers, etc. so they are not compatible.
DSK format is considered obsolete, it can reproduce very little protections, and that’s why I use EDSK exclusively. But I have routines for both, for compatibility reasons.
I left you here also a version of “Hero Quest” and the Chip-8 VM I made; on the other hand, the last version of “la Abadía del Crimen” (the Abbey of Crime) has a mock-up protection (which alas is incompatible with standard DSK images) I made just for fun, which replicates the PC version (it calls you “pirate” with digitalised voice if you make a copy). If I get some free time, I’ll look into it.