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Good morning we leave you with another new game for PCW's, it is Classic Collection, a pack of 3 games (Martians, eat coconuts and the frog), we hope you enjoy it



Good evening, today we leave you with another classic game. This is the second part of the Classic Collection. This pack includes 3 new games. We hope you enjoy it



Good morning, we leave you with another new game pack, in this case "Classic Games 4". This pack includes the following games: Clock Chess'88 - Bridge Player 2000 with tutor - Draughts and Backgammon. We hope you enjoy them.



Good morning today we leave you with another wonderful chess game called "Clock Chess'88". Hope you enjoy it.



Good evening, we leave you for the PCW`s with another version of clock chess'89, we hope you enjoy it.



Good evening, we leave you with the game "Corsairs" from the Spanish company Opera Soft. Hope you enjoy it.



Good morning, we leave you with a new game based on the mythical Arkanoid, called "Demolish" from the Spanish company Iris Soft. Hope you enjoy it.



Good afternoon, we leave you with a pack of three games in one, from the Design Design company called "Distractions". This is made up of games 2112 AD, On the run and N.E.X.O.R. Hope you enjoy it.




Just tried the DEMOLER game, on Joyce.

It's WAY too fast, for me anyway, and the paddle moves between top and bottom and seems to have no control for anything between.

BUT, very impressive, very well done technically.

I'd guess it may work better on my real PCW, but it's an 'extended' image and the progs I have to write an image to disk on the PCW don't handle extended.

Thanks anyway.



I have tried it in the Habisoft emulator, the CP / M Box and it works for me. I stopped using Joyce a long time ago and I suppose that with the new versions it will be possible to configure the speed of it. Thanks for your comment, so we will know how it works in one and the other. Greetings


Good evening, today we leave you with one of the most anticipated AD adventure games "Cozumel". A conversational game of adventures, corresponding to the Andres Samudio Trilogy of Ci-U-Than. This is the first part of the trilogy, in which a bug in the original when loading the game has been corrected. Thanks to our colleague HabiSoft who has made it possible for us to enjoy a star game from the 90s from one of the great Spanish text adventure companies. Hope you enjoy it.



Good evening, we've expanded the list of preserved games for the PCW with two new titles. The Witness and Tank Attack


Hi there,
Just made this account to ask about the PCW range of word processors, I work for a charity and we've recently had a really good condition Amstrad PCW16 donated to us for us to sell for fundraising, doing research into the PCW16 it seems as though it isn't particularly a good model in terms of the hobby, however the keyboard, user manual and recovery floppy are all in mint condition and so I'm posting on here to ask what would the best course of action be for selling this machine? All costs would go towards the charity i'm working for and any help would be greatly appreciated from myself.
Sorry if this post is being made in the wrong thread or something also, though judging from the OP this seems at least partially related to my question.


The PcW16 is an awesome machine, I have one here. Sadly they are hard to get.
You can put one at ebay and see how they match.
http://futureos.de --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Update: 2022.03.09)
http://futureos.cpc-live.com/files/LambdaSpeak_RSX_by_TFM.zip --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2021.12.26)


New emulator for Amstrad PCW.



A few days ago we published the new emulator for Amstrad PCW, and today a new game converted by Habisoft from CPC to PCW of the famous Knight Lore. This version when starting allows two options of monochrome and color game. If we have color activated in the new emulator, we can play with the same colors as the cpc version and if we activate the DK'Tronics sound interface, then a complete game. Hope you enjoy it.



I was very excited to see that Yes Prime Minister is coming...but no files on the wiki yet?

One of my favorite TV shows of all time...please get the files available as soon as you can  ;D


All the PCWwiki games that we have preserved are in red. We are still scanning all the material there is a lot and in alphabetical order. The following in alphabetical order are known without preserving. Cheers

Yes Prime Minister


Good morning, we have uploaded the game Corruption by Magnetic Scrolls to the PCWWiki. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers



Good morning, we leave you with Cyrus II 3D Schach, re-uploaded with new scans. Hope you enjoy it.



Good morning, today we leave you with another great chess game from the CDS Software company, it is Colossus Chess 4. It has been uploaded after new scans and a new disk image. Hope you enjoy it.



Good afternoon, for the PCW's, we leave you with another great chess game from the Intelligent Software company, it is Cyrus II Chess. It has been re-uploaded after new scans and new disk image. Includes English and French manual including the dsk images of the game also in its English and French versions. Hope you enjoy it.



Good morning, yesterday we published the English version of the chess game for PCW called "Colossus 4 Chess", today we publish it in its French version. Let's enjoy it.



Good morning, today we publish again the chess game for the PCW's "Colossus Chess 4" but in its Spanish version, distributed by the Spanish company proein. Hope you enjoy it.



Good evening, we leave you with the second pack from the Spanish company Opera Soft, called "PCW Collection Volume II" for Amstrad PCW's. This pack includes the Mutan Zone and Black Sun games, we hope you enjoy it.


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