A Glut of software, manuals etc for new PCW or Gotek owners. Enjoy :)

Started by PCWPIP, 20:41, 01 November 20

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Perfect - this just the sort of thing I've been looking for to get started. Thanks so much for this! :)


Quote from: GeoffB17 on 19:35, 05 November 20
The other page I referred to is:


I don't know of a way to directly turn a .td0 into a .dsk, but I could do it within Joyce OK.
TD0 are disks images created with a msdos utility called Teledisk (Sydex). So it needs a retrocomputing computer.
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LibDsk can convert TD0 to DSK:
dskconv -otype dsk file.td0 file.dsk
You may even be able to do it with the dsktrans utility that comes with JOYCE.
dsktrans -otype dsk file.td0 file.dsk


@PCWPIP Thank you for all those archives! That must have taken a lot of time to prepare!
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Hello friends, 

  I've arrived too late to this thread, does anybody have the files of the google drive links?

   If you have these files please upload them to the amstrad ftp server:

the incoming directory has write permission

There is more pcw and cpc software in this ftp.

Thank you.

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