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Hello to all users of the Amstrad PCW. We are preserving all possible material from this computer. Games, programs, software, hardware, etc. We need all possible help. For now, we leave you an updated list of games of what we have preserved. If you want to collaborate, get in touch with us. Greetings.

It's great to have a wiki in country specific languages. For example: There is an German Wiki for the CPC too. - But this was done after the Wiki in the World language English.

So the PcW wiki is nice for the Spanish users, but useless for anybody else.  :(

IMHO it would be great to establish an English PcW Wiki first. This would boost the number of people being able to contribute by an order of magnitude or so.  :)


--- Quote from: GUNHED on 11:23, 27 February 20 ---So the PcW wiki is nice for the Spanish users, but useless for anybody else.  :(

--- End quote ---
Maybe try this :  ;)
Don´t know if it´s an auto translation but it works really well  :D 

The good is that wiki seems to be related to Habi, a spanish great PCW master...

Just check "PCW in color" and you'll see the magic (CPM/Box, Pacmania, La Abadia del Crimen and other are also famous).

The wiki has also translations in English, German and French so it's easy for a non Spanish speaking person to understand.

Spain had great game developers for CPCs and PCWs back in time, and I personally had lot of games for my PCW from Opera Soft and OMK.

¡ Muchas gracias por eso trabajo increible !

Hello again, we are slowly translating the PCWwiki, Spanish, English, German and French. We need collaborators and translators. It is a lot of work that is done. In principle we are three users who maintain the PCWwiki, among which HabiSoft, one of the best teachers and connoisseur of the PCW, author of several works for this machine. Robcfg, another great teacher of the PCW and I "Jevicac". So if you dare, it would be extraordinary despite preserving material, having it in several languages with possible extension to others. Many of our material is collected on other websites, we only ask that our site be mentioned. All our material has an identification filter. Thank you all for your collaboration and revive the PCW.


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