PCW16 Flash & RAM upgrades possible ?

Started by schlika, 23:57, 09 September 21

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Hi again,

Since the PCW16 has provision for additional RAM and FLASH, would it be sufficient to solder additional chips to the mainboard or would the firmware/bios thing need to be modified ?[size=78%] [/size]


As far as I know it should be possible, but you'll probably have to reinstall the operating system as it will fail the crc check because of the extra flash memory.

Also, it will boot slowly as it will check double the amount of ram.


Cool ! I may try. There are two provisions for a Bank1 flash on motherboard, which one should be used ?


I asked our dear friend Habi, and you can put a 1MB flash chip in whatever of the provisions you like, maybe IC2 is better, or fill them with two 512KB flash chips.

You'll have to reinstall the OS though, as I said earlier, so you'd better have a copy of the install disk.


Cool, thanks for the replies, I'll definitively try this and report.

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