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Started by GeoffB17, 03:22, 07 January 16

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I'm trying to sort a problem regarding booting LocoLink (for someone else), but there are complications regarding the config of the PCWs.

I've created a possible boot disk, I've created this as a 3.5" SSSD in essence the same format as a normal 3" 180k boot disk.

I've put the LocoLink .EMS file on it.

When I access the disk on my 3.5" b: on my PCW 8256, the disc is recognised, and accessed OK.

Back on the PC, ANADISK reads the disk OK, and everything seems OK.

I've used CPCTRANS to create a disk image.   Eventually, this worked, but the resultant image seems to be 512 bytes smaller than normal.  For a CF2 disk.

However, I loaded this image into Joyce, and booted from it.   Boot seemed to be OK, LocoLink running, and waiting for a connection from the PC.

I cannot get CPCTRANS to create a disk from an image - I understand all my PCs are too fast??   Is anyone in a position to do that, and see what happens with the resultant disk (which my helpee needs on a 3.5" disk, I think SSSD).



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