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Programming BASIC on the PCW 8256?

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Hey all!

New member here so a big HELLO to all you Amstrad users!

I've just bought myself a PCW 8256 in mint condition. I want to code BASIC on it using Mallard BASIC... Is it possible to code BASIC programs for the ZX Spectrum +3 using this?

The 2 machines use the same floppy drive so i want to use the two to code some fun BASIC stuff in 8 bit glory.

Can anyone give me some tips on coding with the PCW 8256? I'm not totally sure how possible it is but I had one of these as a child so thought it would be good fun to own one again after 15+ years!

Welcome in the forum  :)
Well, if you convert a BASIC program to ASCII you may be able to transfer it.
On a CPC you would use: save"prog.bas",a so save it in ASCII code.


I believe that the +3 can read pcw disc formats, so you will not have a trouble reading them.
I think you would probably have to run cpm on the +3 and run it's version of mallard basic to run the programs you write on the pcw.

the native spectrum basic is different to mallard basic.

TFM is correct you may be able to save the file as text (ascii) from mallard basic, load into the spectrum and convert into spectrum basic.

Hi guys

thanks for your feedback! I'm really glad it is possible! I've purchased a book "Program you PCW" I'd like to make some fun little BASIC programs and maybe even games for the PCW... I'd like to do the spectrum +3 too becuase of its ability to show colors and the easy switch over of discs..... I did do abit of research and your 100% right I would need to convert it into spectrum BASIC or run mallard on the speccy...

All good fun! I'm so surprised the PCW was only a word processor and basic games machine it seems alot more capable...?

Do many other people program for the PCW here or in general!? It's my new hobbie :) :D

Ohh a PCW dev then? How welcome you are :)


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