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PUT re-discovered

Started by GeoffB17, 21:17, 14 December 22

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I got my PCW way back in 1985 when they first came out, but soon sorted the various software bits of CP/M into the bits I thought I might use, and the rest, which got filed away.   And soon forgotten.

Some bits were brought back when needed, the rest, still forgotten.

Just the other day, I was thinking how useful it would be to do what's easy on a PC, direct the output from a prog to a simple text file.   I often do this with prog's built-in help, or with DIR listings, esp as these can be too large for 1 screen-full.

Well, with the uIDE, and many files therein, the dir listing is often too big.   Also, I have a prog that will do a listing for all user areas which can easily now run to 2 or 3 screens-full.   So I thought - is there already something to do the job?

When I checked, there was PUT (there's the associated GET as well, but I don't need that right now).   PUT has options, but the main use is to set a redirect of the screen output to a text file either as a one-off, or as a permanent setting (until it's turned off).   So you run PUT to set the redirect ON, then you run the prog you want to capture, the end of which cancels the PUT.

Works great, does pretty much what I wanted.  So if I've got a pile of files spread about one of my uIDE drives I can find it more easily.

Maybe I'll check out the GET as well, this allows the creation of a text file that will supply input to the next prog to run.



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