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Serial / Parallel I/O via Z80 bus adapter

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On my respin, all pins formerly being held high by connecting direct to 5v are going through a 1k resistor. The wiring net is labelled Logic-1 on my schematic, appropriately enough..

I'm a bit concerned about your comments about errors, wolf. The schematic was corrected (pin 9 of the CTC IIRC), but have you spotted any more? I'm home now so can do a bit of tracing on mine.

I set my SIO up as a PC style DB9 with just CTS/RTS and TXD/RXD. I think the other lines (DCD/DTR?) just add confusion.

Which schematic capture tool are you using? If KiCAD / eeschema, I can share my project files with you.


It's mainly that resistor and a few extra capacitors.  I think a couple are to do with the +-12V inverter board, as they're placed on the outputs to that.  There's also an addition Electrolytic not listed on the schematic which I'm assuming is a high value bypass cap for the whole board, which looking at your design would appear you've got.  I'm also planning on double checking pin 24 of the DART as the markings on the schematic I have access to I can't quite work out (looks like a Y instead of an X!) and I just want to double check.

One thing I will suggest is that with using the RTS/CTS lines, I believe that the PCW CP/M doesn't support this handshaking scheme out of the box (although I could be wrong).  Luckily, on John Elliot&#039;s webpage
John Elliot's webpage, there's a patch for the CP/M to make it compatible with that handshaking.  This would make it compatible with the hardware handshaking that your board would still support.  All the other handshaking schema are I believe just using the Tx and Rx lines.  Just something to be aware of.

No, I took the bypass cap out on the grounds that it was taking up too much space. Might have to rethink it now. And add the "programmable" I/O addressing that uIDE has. And redo the serial / parallel connectors, becasue they are wrong, and add the serial activity lights.

I don't think mine will be ready any time soon!

Besides, I have a lot of uIDE work outstanding. I'm getting ahead of myself. Do you want my schema file?

Trust me, I  know the feeling, sometimes it's like taking two steps back for every one forward.  Course then, when it's finally all finished and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy having made something that brings joy not just to yourself but also other people, well, that's why we do it!

If you send me your files I'm more than happy to have a look at them.  Same way if you'd like my schema files you're more than welome to them (I'm going to be releasing all my files anyway when I'm all done so it'd be good to have someone to check them over in case I've missed something!)

@greatwolf1283 - links to files sent via PM.

Meanwhile, new board layout:

 [ Invalid Attachment ]

Activity lights are in there (bit of an assumption on my part as to whether they will work or not). There's not much space for a MAX241, but I will see if I can fit it in, because I'd like some compatibility and the PC DB9 pinout has DTR/DCD, I believe.

At some point I will have to build a prototype and test it all. Not looking forward to that!


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