Author Topic: Software Imperative PCW titles (Flipper, Rocket, ForeWord)  (Read 542 times)

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I remember all Software Imperative's programs looking very slick in reviews of the time, but I never got my hands on any of them. I don't see much discussion of them since, and I haven't come across any of them in the online archives yet. Any love for them?
I see Flipper 3 listed on the PCW Wiki, so I guess it may be queued in their magnificent collection and may show up at some point?

My local computer museum apparently has the physical discs of Flipper 3 and ForeWord.

(This appears to be what the author, Andy Wilton, is up to these days.)
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Re: Software Imperative PCW titles (Flipper, Rocket, ForeWord)
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I've got what looks like a copy of Flipper 3, though I don't know how complete it is. It seems to consist of a collection of files:

The files are:
plus what I suspect are dumps of the boot tracks from two disk images:

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Re: Software Imperative PCW titles (Flipper, Rocket, ForeWord)
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Hi JTN, we have several versions of flipper. The problem is that some version needs a CF2DD drive to get its dsk image, but the drive fails on the PC. As soon as we can verify the bug and make the dsk images, we will upload them to the PCWwiki. Cheers