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State of emulators for the NC100

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I am looking for an emulator for the NC100.
So far I have found a few, but all of them have had issues translating the keyboard input as well as lacking good ways (or possibly documentation) of transferring software to the emulator.

What can you guys recommend and how do you transfer software to and from the emulator?


Have you tried MAME?

I think you can actually connect another machine through a virtual serial port or modify the PCMCIA card image to inject software.

Hm, I was unaware that MAME could emulate the NC100, but I will give it a go. Thanks

Now I have tried Mame, unfortunately it also seems to have trouble mapping keys. For example, I can not figure out which key on my PC corresponds to the menu key on the NC100...

Press Scroll Lock (or Delete if you're using OS X) to enable UI controls, then Tab to bring up the menu, you can see and change mapping in "Input (This machine)", press Scroll Lock again to disable UI controls.


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