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Started by JonB, 17:21, 26 December 13

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I'm looking to duplicate my PCW8256 CP/M system master, but it has unreadable sectors, so DISCKIT will not copy it. I have all the files as a floppy image and can easily transfer them to a 3" disk via a 6128 that has a 3.5" drive B, but I can't transfer the boot sector from the master (which thankfully is still working).

The 6128 disk doesn't boot on the PCW (unsurprisingly, but the PCW can read it), and neither do the, and programs (after transferring to a PCW disk).

So, the question is: how can I copy the master disk's boot sector to another disk, given that DISCKIT doesn't work? (Incidentally, I note DISCKIT3 has an option to create the system disk on the 6128, but the DISCKIT on the PCW doesn't.)

Many thanks




I guess it would be easier to get a good dump of the system disks and write them back to a 3" disk.

Breitziger posted the French and English system disks here.

Tell us if you need more help.

By the way, we are also creating a new wiki site devoted to the PCW. It's still missing a lot of information, but it's growing. Check it here and tell us what do you think about it. Suggestions are welcome!



Agreed, Rob, but my PC doesn't have a 3" drive (which would solve everything).

What I am doing is transfer via a 6128 which has bot 3 and 3.5 inch drives; then, formatting as 6128 disks, use CPCDiskXP to copy the file to the 3.5" floppy, then the 6128 to copy to 3", then the PCW to copy from 3" 6128 formatted disk to PCW formatted 3" disk.

Pretty long winded, lots of disk swapping, etc.

However, I have found that DISCKIT as supplied with the PCW actually copies the boot sector (apparently it holds a copy in memory so doesn't need to prompt for the source), so all you need to do then is to copy the EMS file and possibly PROFILE.ENG and KEYS.WP and it will boot with the new disk. From there it is simply a matter of preparing a copy of the PCW files from the image you posted (thanks!) and transferring to the new (boot) disk.

Incidentally, the image contains a different EMS version file - J17CPM3.EMS, which (according to another site I read) has an advanced CPM that allows device drivers to be loaded dynamically. There may be other differences, although I don't know if it will work on an 8256 or not (the site says it's for the 8512). My 8256 has J14CPM3.EMS.

So I am up and running... now to copy the new system disk to the "official" disk, if I can format it properly.



Hey Jon,

Instead of disckit, try using Discology on the 6128, it's the ultimate disc utility.

Just write the good image with CPCDiscXP on a 3.5" disc, and then use Discology to copy it to a 3" one.




Just got a PCW8512 with an Amx mouse for a tenner....


That's... cheap. Nice score!


Well, the 8256 was only £17 ... I collected both and so avoided the postage costs. Curiously, they both came from the same area (Horsham, W.Sussex).

Now I have cleaned them up and replaced all the drive belts I'm having a very CP/M-y New Year!


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