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Techniche PCW102 Keyboard

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Hi All,

I recently bought a PcW9256 and it came with a Techniche PCW102 Keyboard. I couldnt find much information on it when I looked it up, just two mentions :-

I thought I would post some high res pics just in case of there was any interest for the pcw wiki,

Yes, not seen one of these before.   It sounds very nice, q BIG improvement on the standard keyboard.

Is the little box visible in the pics part of the system, or is that something else?


Its part of my PCW.. probably the floppy drive (it has no fronz bezel - it was scalped from an old Compaq desktop).

Its currently in an exploded form on a coffee table - makes experimenting a bit easier :)

I'm certainly interested -- have you looked inside to see what the works are like? If there's a ROM or a dumpable microcontroller in there I'd also be interested in a firmware dump, but that does require the right equipment.

I'll open it now.

I'm all up for dumping it, have quite a lot of equipment on hand so shouldn't be a problem at all.

Let's have a look 😁


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