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Terminal emulator options

Started by Munchausen, 14:40, 21 November 19

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So I've hooked up my PCW as a permanent desk fixture, just to be used as a console window for my linux box. At the moment I'm using qterm and emu. It took a while to set up, because transferring files is not so easy (thank you, and qterm needs to be patched to achieve 9600 bps reliably. The setup is basically to run emu first which adds full vt100 emulation to the PCW in terms of fonts and escape codes, and then run qterm which actually speaks to the serial hardware.

However, as it stands qterm uses 6 lines at the top of the display to just show the command key options. With the status line as well this wastes quite a lot of space on the display. I realise that this is because it gives you a standard 80 column 24 line display, but I'd rather use the full height available. Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent qterm showing the top help text so that it runs full screen?

Or is there another option than qterm? zmp seems to be the other obvious choice, although I haven't yet figured out which files are needed and how to patch it for 9600 bps (any pointers?). Also, I don't know if it supports full screen or not?

Kermit is the final option, however I am not sure it works with emu at all or if it works with 9600 bps - reports seem to suggest that it does not.

Any help very much appreciated.


Well, I figured this out tonight, entirely by accident. I use the PCW as a console window by creating a fake extra screen on my linux box, to the left of the main display, and on that display I have an xterm open, running GNU screen. I start screen from the serial console on the PCW and then attach to it from the xterm. With the xterm hidden I can move my mouse off of the left of my main display and start typing into the xterm (from my PC) and whatever I type appears on the PCW running qterm. This is simply so that I dont have to use the PCW keyboard. Anyway, I have been working on a script that runs in background and highlights the character on the PCW where the mouse is located over the xterm. Then I can actually move my PC mouse around on the PCW serial console and copy and paste text etc. The script relies very heavily on ANSI and vt100 escape sequences, and I made a typo in my script and got one sequence wrong, and it unlocked the full size of the PCW display in qterm!

So, sending "\e0;0f" to the PCW unlocks the full display when running qterm. e.g. in bash:

echo -ne "\e0;0f" > /dev/ttyUSB0

As far as I can tell this is not a documented ANSI or vt100 command, maybe it is documented for the PCW somewhere. All I know is it was a very lucky find, and it's pretty awesome :D

EDIT: In fact, after a bit more testing \e0 is all that is required.

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