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64 NOPs • Issue 2

Started by toms, 08:23, 01 December 23

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Billions of NOPs have passed since the first issue of 64 NOPs came out, so it's high time to launch the campaign for the second issue!

In case you haven't heard, 64 NOPs is a french magazine dedicated to the Amstrad CPC/Plus, featuring programming articles (beginner and advanced) as well as interviews with members of the community. This issue also sees the introduction of the meeting, graphics and making-of sections.

To find out more and order your copy (all texts are in french), click here:

Mark your calendars, the campaign ends on 8 January at 23:59!


Thanks to your support, the second issue of 64 NOPs can now become a reality, as the target of 40 orders was reached in just 2 days! This is a great reward after several weeks of intensive work. Thank you for your trust!

The magazine will be available as planned at the end of January 2024. In the meantime, the campaign will continue on its merry way and why not, let's be crazy, reach 200% of the initial target? We're counting on you to spread the word.

Many people are sorry they missed out on the first issue, which is unfortunately no longer in stock... So don't miss out on number 2! :)


Here's a nice surprise! Made is launching a limited batch of signed A2 art prints of the 64 NOPs issue 2 cover he did. This image is quite unique, as it's a mode 0 in 26 colours covering the equivalent of 8 CPC overscan screens!

Order your copy here:

There's still time to get it before Christmas!


Damn that's gorgeous.


Ever wondered what tricks are hidden behind some demos? In the next issue of 64 NOPs, you'll discover the secrets behind 3DManiaks and Triangul'Art (Impact), Checkmate (Pulpo Corrosivo), the final part of Onescreen Colonies #3 (Vanity & Futurs') and the mapped bar of Batman Forever (Batman Group).

If you still haven't reserved your copy, you can do so here:


Are any of you Ghosts'n Goblins fans? In the next issue of 64 NOPs, Golem13 gives us an update on the progress of his splendid adaptation for Amstrad Plus, and reveals some of his manufacturing secrets in a fascinating interview.

Don't hesitate, go for it!


Attention latecomers! The campaign for the second issue of 64 NOPs ends in 3 days! Don't miss out ;)


...any chance to get first issue somewhere?
...proudly supported Schnapps Demo, Pentomino and NQ-Music-Disc with GFX


Quote from: HAL6128 on 13:33, 05 January 24...any chance to get first issue somewhere?
As many people asked for it, a new campaign for the first issue will maybe launched in the upcoming months.


Last chance to get your hands on the second issue of 64 NOPs - the campaign ends at midnight tonight! So hurry up:

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