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We just put online 64 NOPs, a new tech blog for Amstrad CPC computers aiming at improving your skills to create awesome stuff on your Amstrad. New articles will be regularly added, some of them are already in progress.

Nice content, I will take the time to read the article appropriately ;

But my first, immediate reaction is: why not extending the current Memory Full website ( instead of creating a new WordPress blog ?

Nice and clean presentation. I hope new contents will be added soon. Many people seems to be interested in hardware scrolling...

Feel free to add it to any relevant section on the wiki - front page, links page, programming resources, whatever :)

Thanks for your words!
Some words about the story of this blog. The idea was born when some people here asked me to write articles about splitting. I didn't start by writing that, but after some discussions with Toms, we had the more general idea to propose a website with articles on all subjects related to the development on CPC (demos, games, software, hardware, etc.).  The articles on the splitting will come later!

@norecess : we wanted to do what you say first, but Memory Full is a site dedicated to the history of the CPC and not to development... Moreover, WordPress allows for flexible layout, contributors can layout their articles themselves, you can work on draft versions, easily insert images, etc. In short, it was less work for us to use WordPress.

@Gryzor : yes, thanks!

@Targhan : there is nothing rigid, but an article should appear every 2 weeks at the beginning. But it will probably depend on external contributors... like you :)


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