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Started by Matej, 21:15, 21 September 21

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I started retro computers & consoles classfieds/marketplace. There is Amstrad section too. Please tell all friends about it. Its free and simple. Support my project. Have a nice day!
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Hope something like this takes off some day...

It could do with seller ratings btw :)


Nice idea. There is also Amibay which can be good if you are looking for retro stuff (they are not just for Amiga).



what's up with the term 'bay' for auction sites or online shops? near beaches?


How does 8-bit bay work for sellers? and is there an API for it?  So that collection software can be integrated?

I've been working on Loot for a while - I have no issues to integrate with other platforms if you allow that.


Will buy plugins. And will be back online. Its based on script. Yes there will be classfields and auctions too. Bay well like Amibay:))).
2x JustCPC

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