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Started by CPCRetroDev, 20:23, 13 July 20

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Sorcerers v1.1 - released: https://playonretro.itch.io/sorcerers-amstrad-cpc-by-salvakantero
Quote" ... We have heard your constructive criticism, and now in this version 1.1 our protagonist will only throw the objects he does not need into the well, making the game more agile and less frustrating... "

Fire Tyre : second public release. Fixed curve interpolation and ground stripe generation, added wheel animation, sparks and smoke appear when changing gears at full speed, made the first tracks easier and the last ones harder. http://cngsoft.no-ip.org/firetyre.htm
your amstrad news source in spanish language : https://auamstrad.es


hi guys.

I raise this topic from the sands of time to inform you all that I jsut created a proper CPcwiki page on CPcretroDev, mind you I couldn't find any.

this injustice had to be fought.

Needless to say this page may be updated, corrected and completed by anyone, I think it need more sreamlined and precises infos on the genesis of the CPcretrodev... but I did it fast and dirty, yet this is a basis to work with.


2020 was a fairly productive year despite (or thanks) to the covid crisis I guess.

And CPCRetroDev again gave us a big handfull of prods , some pretty decent, some insanely good, some unfinished and tryhard, but this is what it is for and I hope the student learn a lot from it.


Quote from: krusty_benediction on 16:14, 14 November 20
Congrats to all participants.
However, I have to admit that it is quite frustrating to discover that the winner game targets emulator and no real CPC as it cannot run properly on all configurations of CPC + CTM.
Mine is set up to roll when a screen is not at 50hz (I guess it is the case for all demomakers) and as the game is far from it, it always rolls.
If it is a bug, I would be happy to help to fix it.If it is a feature to have more machine time than what is expected in a frame, it is not a really fair approach.
I also had the same problem and by debugging I think I found the fix
Hopefully we will have an official fixed version of this great game soon :)

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