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Work has begun on the Amstrad CPC User Club magazine, ACUC magazine issue 1. This magazine will be like a fanzine. It is prepared entirely in English. We will try to prepare using Amstrad CPC and Amstrad PCW. We will get the International Journal Code, the ISSN number. Amstrad CPC and Amstrad PCW will be used as much as possible. The estimate will be published on January 15, 2022. It is not a for-profit magazine. I will learn about international postal rates later. If I have friends who want to be a writer in a magazine right now, please contact me. The magazine will be published as Software4Galaxy Publishing. I need writers right now. I can even print it at home if very few people want the magazine. this is the spirit of the fanzine. Only Amstrad CPC/PCW/NC/GX subjects and Other Retro Amstrad Products. I plan to do 3 issues a year.Please feel free to contribute as an author. If the number of authors reaches sufficient number, I will announce it here. but your articles are very valuable for the next issues.

Magazine Email: ACUCMagazine(at)
Direct Whatsapp Number: +905554983655

Ah that's nice :) Looking forward to it! I'd really want to contribute but no time, sadly... :(

If you're interested in an article about my CPC-OS called FutureOS, then just let me know.


I'm sending a private message right now.


CPCRetroDev Anyone interested in promoting new games released in 2021 or new Amstrad CPC games from indie developers? I would like to receive your articles on both Word document and Amstrad CPC. This will be a fanzine, not just a magazine. We also need detailed explanations of new games.


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