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Alcon 2020 released

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Alcon 2020 is a game for the Amstrad / Schneider CPC464, CPC664, CPC6128, Amstrad 464 Plus, 6128 Plus and GX4000 devices. It runs in all models since it requires only 64k of RAM. The PlayCity extension is not required but recommended to hear the full 6 in-game audio channels. A 2-button gamepad or joystick (best) is also a nice addition to enjoy the full arcade experience.

It looks very impresive. Congratulations, Abalore!!!


Nice Cover !!!  :o :o :o

Can someone explain how to run this in RetroVirtualMachine again please?  I selected XMEM and loaded the install disc and it did some stuffs and loads of random pixels appeared on screen for a while as it loaded then it said Ready and then I dunno what to do.


--- Quote from: XeNoMoRPH on 12:55, 20 December 20 ---Nice Cover !!!  :o :o :o

--- End quote ---
Thanks. Just a thumb version, here. ;)


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