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Amstrad CPC at Euskal Encounter 21 (2013) :)

Started by KaosOverride, 18:45, 29 July 13

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Great news from the Euskal Encounter (Bienvenid@), now the most important Lanparty of Spain on scene/games.

As part of the events organized by the association Retroaccion (Inicio | Asociación RetroAcción) under the name RetroEuskal, I had to prepare a sample of the international 8 bit scene, with demos of systems such as C64, ZX Spectrum, and of course our loved Amstrad CPC.

As part of this Demoshow both demos "Phortem" by Condense and "Still Rising" by Vanity have been exhibited showing information, group, and for Vanity the party where they participated and their classification.

The audience consisted of over 5000 attendees at the party :)

I'm glad I brought my little grain of sand, that your productions are seen at major events and are appreciated by the audience.

-Part of the Party Place-

On the other hand, in this same party, in the contest section "Open Game Compo" has won, fighting for the prize against productions made ​​for smartphones, PCs and other OpenGL for serious productions, the Amstrad CPC game made ​​by me, thanks to the graphics libraries made ​​by Artaburu, "Marron en la Euskal" (Big problem at the Euskal) where we take the role of a helper of the party, that he lost some flash drives full of demos that are indispensable for the scene contest. The game pretended to be a self-teaching tutorial for me that has been shaped into a sympathetic adventure where we travel a 8-bit reconstruction of the party venue. It has no intention of being a great game, but it's funny! And I learned a lot :)

In a few days will try to end a international version (This is in Spanish) for downloading

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Quote from: KaosOverride on 18:45, 29 July 13
In a few days will try to end a international version (This is in Spanish) for downloading

Where can it be downloaded ? I couldnt find it after a search.
Amstrad news site at Genesis8 Amstrad Page


The party ended yesterday, so maybe the organization did not upload it anywhere yet....
For a fast look, you have a walkthrough here:

Basicaly you have to walk (using the cursor keys) in search of the "remind points" showed by the glowing bulb over your head and pushing ACTION (Space by default) showing the pendrive for picking walking over it. There are 8 screens so they are 8 pendrives

The remind point and using action is a tribute to ET for Atari 2600 :D
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KaosOverride · GitHub
MEGA Amstrad Public Amstrad folder

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