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Amstrad CPC Forever

Started by XeNoMoRPH, 08:03, 21 May 22

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New book :

The book will only be in Spanish and if the last goal is reached, then it will be done in English too.
crowdfunding starts on the 31st of this month and that the website will also be in English.
your amstrad news source in spanish language :


Thanks for the heads-up!


Oh it's by Atila so it should be good 🙂

Any idea when it goes live? 


your amstrad news source in spanish language :


your amstrad news source in spanish language :


Sadly, looks like it'll have to got the highest stretch goal for the English edition to appear... So basically people interested in the English edition won't back it till then, which means... 


Yes, I would love to back this, but without a guarantee of an English version, I can't.
It looks like it will be really good. I wish them all the best with this campaign.


Assuming postage to the UK is sadly going to be the "outside the EU tier" which makes it a £50 purchase. I hope an English version is made. Maybe strike a deal with Retro Fusion, Bitmap Books etc in the UK?? I'd love to see Amstrad Eterno in English too to get even more people reading it.


Ah it'd be nice if Bitmap gave it their treatment but I guess they want to produce their own book, and that's totally understandable...


Fusion Retro Books would be a good fit. They have some free PDFs at the mo, by the way:


Fusion produces the cheapest, most hastily edited books there are; I know, I have bought a few. I would be very disappointed if this was at that level.


your amstrad news source in spanish language :


I kinda feel bad for letting others push it until/if it hits the goal for an English translation... 😐


Quote from: Gryzor on 17:35, 28 June 22I kinda feel bad for letting others push it until/if it hits the goal for an English translation... 😐
The have less than 200 backers now and would need another 500 (international) backers to reach the goal for an English version. In other words: If they only get 450 international backers, they will all end up with the Spanish edition. 

Although I like Spanish and would be keen to refresh my knowledge again, that's a bit too much risk to end up with something I barely can read. 


In the past I've bought Spanish books with mini reviews, I can understand these pretty easily. But this is a bigger, more complex work. So the Spanish version is a no go for me sadly...

It's a shame they structured it this way. I really wanted to back it and was disappointed when it dropped, because I'm certain it'll be good... 


Honestly, the goals seem a bit arbitrary. There is no minimum quantity for a digitally printed book.


Ah but I'd want a physical one anyhow! 


So the project hit its goal! Well done guys...

But sadly, it stayed far below the English stretch goal 😔


I just don't get it. Free online translation services are really good nowadays and the paid tiers are also not really expensive. Plus you can always ask a (or some) native speaker(s) for cross reading. I almost start enjoying my nagging: Releasing something to an international / pan European audience in a language other than English is ... not up to par! And I won't support any project in that direction ever again.

PS: It even got an English title!
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Or, now the book will be a reality, talk to a publisher such as Bitmap Books or Fusion Retro Books about licensing an English translation for a wider audience. It's a win-win situation.


Nah, online translators are nowhere near as good for a book translation without heavy editing. Still, indeed a translator would probably take a fraction of the price difference, but you have to understand that the translation is only one part of the cost - it would have to then be produced, which would be more or less a second book...

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What! no English goal reached?


I cannot read Spanish, so not able to understand exactly what's written in the preview pages of this. But from what I make, to be honest, I don't really see a reason for publications such as this to exist. I mean, all you get for what you pay is random people (however self-proclaimed 'experts' of some kind..?) printing their generic opinions on games, for which games you've probably read dozens of generic opinions from the 90s onwards. Seriously, how many more reviews of Batman, or Game Over, or whichever game in the pages of this does anyone need to read?

I don't even see the publishers making at least the minimal effort to push the envelope for an 'academic Amstrad CPC publication' a bit further or somehow different. Focus on something that was never fully looked into before. Have a sodding theme at least! Nope! All we need is again some generic walls of text describing products that most of us here have already played and evaluated ourselves! Seriously?

The funny part is that I can't even see this as yet another damn coffee table book to show somebody curious who doesn't know what this is about. One third of the page is consumed by a useless headpiece, half the page is letters and spacefiller gimmicks and what's left to look at is 3 tiny screenshots per page. They should offer a magnifying glass as a next tier achievement.

Yeah, I get it, it's 'nostalgia'. How much nostalgia does the world need before stepping up and do something a little bit different?

Ah, what a joyful rant this was! :D

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