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With over 200 pages, 8-Bit Annual 2019 is HUGE! It is the second printed book covering all new 8 bit home computer and console released home brew and commercial games from 2018, by the 8 Bit Annual team. Included in the 2019 annual is 8-bit retro gaming features, game developer interviews and more than 150 game reviews on Atari, Atari 2600, NES, SEGA, Amstrad CPC, C64, MSX, BBC Micro and MSX. Each 8-Bit machine is given as much content as possible.

The amount of content in the 2019 annual will truly be Epic! With even more reviews, interviews and featured articles than the mega 2018 annual, even world class speed readers will have trouble reading this in a short amount of time.

Features include: Rick Dickinson Tribute, 8-Bit Annual Dev Contest 2018, ZX Spectrum World, Pixel Art by Andy Green, Amstrad CPC Chess via Lan / Online, Juan J. Martinez (multiple format 8-Bit games), Amstrad CPC Collectors Cabins, The BASIC 10 liner Contest 2018, Delta 4, Atari Games in Tesla Cars.

Interviews include: Mark Nunam (Abbex Games), Richard Broadhurst, Paul Rose (Mr. Biffo of Digitiser fame), Andrew Darovich and Paul Weller (Aetherbyte Studios), Nobuaki Washio (GW'S Workshop), Soren Borgquist (Spectrum games), Andy Johns (Nixy: The Glade Sprite), The Shadows of Sergoth coding team, Clive Townsend (of Saboteur fame), Mark Hardisty (author of the definitive Gremlin Graphics book!), CPC Retro Dev interviews, Carolos Pérez Peregrin (winner of #CPCRetrodev2018), Antonio Savona (L'AbbayeDesMorts on C64), Carl-Henrik Skårstedt, Sarah Jane Avory (writer and coder of Briley Witch books and C64 game).

AMSTRAD CPC content includes:

8 BIT GAME DEV games
Awesome Posters of Robbie Strikes Back, Tragical Chase and Space Phantom
EPIC Poly Play 3rd Anniversary compilation tape with CPC games Magica, Golden Tail, Pentomino, Hibernated1 and The Dawn of Kernel.
Reviews of CPCretrodev games
Reviews of Dawn of Kernel, Robbie Strikes Back, Shadows of Sergoth, Space Phantom, Pink Pills, Mike the Guitar, Earth Defender, Top Top, Dawn of Kernel, World War Simulator Part 2 and Galactic Tomb.

Order your copy on the Kickstarter link below - Thanks for your support



latest update on the 2019, 8 BIT ANNUAL.

We have reached our first stretch goal, with 21 days left of the Kickstarter help us reach our next stretch goal so we can add an extra 20 pages of new 8 bit game reviews.

To order you 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019 the link is here



new layouts of 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019


The paper looks very good quality, where do you print it?

http://futureos.de --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Update: 2022.03.09)
http://futureos.cpc-live.com/files/LambdaSpeak_RSX_by_TFM.zip --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2021.12.26)




Quote from: GUNHED on 15:21, 07 April 19
The paper looks very good quality, where do you print it?



latest update for 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019.

only 12 days left to order your copy of 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019.

the 2nd stretch goal is very close and we need your support to achieve it.

If it is achieved by the end of the Kickstarter we will add a further 20 pages of game reviews.

Achievement of the 2nd stretch goal will mean we can add reviews of the latest 8 bit games and so far we have plans to review a soon to be released zx Spectrum game, which has zx Spectrum game developer Andy Johns involve. As well at that we will review the very soon to be commercially released C64 game called Mancave (see below).

We would love to review any new CPC games as we love what the CPC community and game developers are doing. If you have any new CPC titles that you would like to see or could suggest for review such as Pinball Dreams and Scramble please let us know as we would love to have these new CPC games reviewed if the extra 20 pages stretch goal is reached by the end of the Kickstarter campaign.

Don't forget there is a heap of cool retro kit, perks and CPC games with thanks to Keith Sear, Carlos Pelegrin, Sebastian Baunett and 8 BP developer - Jose Javier Garcia Aranda. Click on the Kickstarter page link to order your copy of 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019 here:



Thanks for the update... Here's wishing you luck for the last 12 days of your Kickstarter...

That Mancave poster looks awesome!
Chibi Akumas: Comedy-Horror 8-bit Bullet Hell shooter!
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Quote from: keith56 on 06:52, 15 April 19
Thanks for the update... Here's wishing you luck for the last 12 days of your Kickstarter...

That Mancave poster looks awesome!

Many Thanks!!! Much appreciated. Another update below.


Latest UPDATE:

Only 6 days to go guys and gals to order your copy of 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019!

Great news the 2nd stretch goal has been achieved! Mancave on the C64 will definitely be reviewed and there is also a request for another C64 game, MAH, to be reviewed so awesome news on that front for C64 fans.

Awesome news for Speccy fans too! With thanks to ZX Spectrum game developer, Andy Johns, unreleased game, Nixy The Glade Sprite 2: The Seeds of Doom will also be included, check out that image below.

And more great news for Speccy fans, there have been new page layouts completed of a tribute to Rick Dickinson (ZX Spectrum designer) and Andy Green's 8 Bit artworks. Images for both are below.

CPC fans don't forget there is some some awesome CPC kit and perks over at the KS starter page.

Also if you would like to see some new CPC games reviewed please suggest them here.

Don't miss out on your last chances to order 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019: New Games on Old Hardware!

Many thanks to all backers so far and to any new backers in the next 6 days.

You can order / back / pledge here at this link



Only 3 days left to grab your 8 BIT ANNUAL book on Kickstarter.

Don't miss out on 220 pages of fantastic new game reviews, 8 bit game developer interviews and a stack of 8 bit gaming features.

Order your copy here:


Just some of the games reviewed in the 8 BIT ANNUAL listed below:

Commodore 64: Shadow Switcher, Aviator Arcade II, L'Abbaye Des Morts, Space Monguls, Hunter's Moon Remastered, Organism, Pains 'N' Aches, Rocky Memphis & The Legend of Atlantis, Single Button Games Collection, Steel Ranger, International Karate Ultimate, Paranoids, Portal C64, Rent-A-Cop Reloaded, Sky Diving, Soccer War, Speedball Duology.

ZX Spectrum: Ninja Gaiden: Shadow Warriors, Gimmick! Yumetaro Odyssey, Gandalf, Roust, Harbinger 2: The Void, SQIJ 2018, Nixy: The Glade Sprite, Eurostriker, O.P.Z, All Hallows - Rise of the Pumpkin, Bobby Carrot, Max Pickles Part 1 - The Haunted Castle, Astrosmash ZX, Prospector, Night Stalker ZX, Mister King-Fu, Elon M With a Jetpack, Quahappy, Parachute, Tank 1990, Dungeon Raiders, Mighty Final Fight, Castle of Sorrow, Mike The Guitar, Rubicon, ROVR, Aeon, Escape From The Sewers, Fantasy Zone: Escape From The Pyramid, Pietro Bros, Gimme Bright, Pentacorn Quest, That Sinking Feeling, Baby Monkey Alba, Skyscraper of Doom, Retro Invaders, Left Behind, Eggsterminator, Robots Rumble, Inertia. Rodman (also for Amstrad CPC, Commodore 16, Commodore 64, Commodore VIC 20, Atari 8-Bit, Oric and MSX). 

Amstrad CPC: Space Phantom, Pink Pills, Mike the Guitar, Earth Defender, Top Top, Dawn of Kernel, World War Simulator Part 2, Galactic Tomb, Robbie Strikes Back, The Shadows of Sergoth, Operation Alexandria, Jarlac, Legend of Steel, The adventures of Timothy Gunn, OPQA Vs QAOP: The Final Battle, 77 Attempts, Foosball F3, Deeper Warrens.

MSX: Tragical Chase, Inq and Suq vs Nightmare, Draconic Throne, Wu-m, 50 Metres, Buddhagillie, Bumper Ship Racing, Burn Us, Inferno, MayQ Buster, Shoulder Blade Overdrive, Svetlan A7, Virus LQP-79, Z, ド (Do). 

Atari 8-Bit: Stunt Car Racer, Jack the Nipper, Skooldaze. 

BBC Micro: Prince of Persia, Phoenix, Centipede, Maze of Madness, The Darkness of Raven Wood. 

Atari 2600: Alf, Alien Attack, Mappy, Asteroid Rescue, Alien Revenge, Asteroid Belt, Astronomer, Baby, High Score Screen Burn Slow Burn, NeXion 3D, Pickle, Robo-Ninja Climb, Scramble, Skee-Ball, Space Game, Super Cobra Arcade, Tyre Trax, Spies in the Night, Balloon Trip, Plague, Sword of Surtr, Birds and Beans, Beeware, Sheep It Up, Dungeon II: Solstice, Monkey King, Peril, Knight Guy.

Sega Master System: Flight of Pigarus, Gemitas, Little Sokoban, Silver Valley, Prisonnier II, Galactic Revenge. 

Nintendo Entertainment System: Nova The Squirrel, Cheril the Writer, Yun V5.


Only 28 hours left of the 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019 Kickstarter crowd fund campaign.

Don't miss out on making a pledge and grabbing a 220 page hardback Annual with over 200 new game reviews across Amstrad CPC, Atari 2600, Atari 8 BIT, MSX, C64, ZX Spectrum, NES, Sega and the BBC Micro computers and consoles.

There is also some great kit in the perks section that you can purchase with your glorious 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019 book!

Perks on offer can be seen on the KS page link is here or in the images above this post.


Kit includes:

* 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019, T-Shirt.
* 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019 posters.
* Various 8 BIT gaming posters including Nixy The Glade Sprite (Speccy), Shadow Switcher (C64), Rocky Memphis and the Legend of Atlantis (C64), Robbie Strikes Back, Space Phantom and Tragical Chase (Amstrad CPC), Inq & Suq vs Nightmare Poster, Shoulder Blade: Overdrive and Xspelunker posters (MSX)
* 8 BIT multi platform 3rd Anniversary Compilation Cassette from POLY PLAY.
* The Shoulder Blade: Overdrive MSX Cartridge.
* 8-Bit ANNUAL GAME DEV entry files on a DVD.

Don't delay there is only a very short time left so make your pledge before time runs out.


For a future revision, a bit more Oric/Atmos perhaps?  :).


Geee... I haven't been paying attention for the last few years.... And this happens, nice work  :D

I have a question relating to the CPC cover tape.

Obviously, and unfortunately, I missed the kickstarter. But is the Tape included if I purchase the 2019 edition now?

Will be ordering either way, but I can't see it noted on the ordering site.


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