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Amstrad Expo - Final Exams

Started by eliot, 13:53, 26 April 10

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A new edition of the AMSTRAD EXPO "FINAL EXAMS" will take place from 25th to 27th June in Coutances (France).
A contest is organized, the categories are : graphics, music and demos.
More details : and to follow the tweets :
See you !



It doesn´t work since Eliot´s link leads to http:// If you erase the first http:// it works...


Quote from: villain on 10:31, 27 April 10
It doesn´t work since Eliot´s link leads to http:// If you erase the first http:// it works...
It's corrected ! Sorry for disturbing... :)


"Sorry, 'http//'; does not exist or is not available. "


When you put your ear on a hot stove, you can smell how stupid you are ...

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Now it works for me too...


I'm not traveling to France to participate, but I think I'll enter the music competition with a contribution, and my girlfriend might enter the graphics contest.

Where do we send our entries? To eliot(at)cpcscene(dot)com?
Does the music have to be an executable, or is it fine to send a STarKos SKS file?
Can the graphics be an overscan image or does it have to be a "standard" sized image?

(At this point in time we have no clue how to save an overscan image though. She's working in Photoshop, so we might use JavaCPC to transfer it to an overscan image. Markus tells me JavaCPC can save an overscan image including the code to show it. Is this a valid approach?)


You should ask Eliot himself (eliot at, but I don't think it matters much if your song is an executable or a plan SKS file. He knows how to make it work :)

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Yes, don't worry : we'll be able to load and play your music with Starkos! But if people use confidential music programs like Soundtracker DMA (!?) or Shap's Advanced Professionnal Soundtracker, please send an executable file or the program itself!  :P

For graphics, your approach seems OK as it delivers an executable viewer. The same result can be obtained with CPC ConvImg by Demoniak.

Anyway, go on ! Excellent spirit ! :)

And send the entries to the mentionned email. 

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