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AmtixCPC Magazine - Launched!

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I just added my membership for the paper edition of AmtixCPC with Patreon (

I was pleased by the following: "You will only be charged when an issue is printed - so the current thinking is once per quarter (NOT monthly - billing will be switched off for the months a magazine is not produced)."

As a personal note, I'm in love with those efforts to produce paper editions. This gets me back directly to my childhood when I used to buy similar magazines.
Please take note that I had a quick look on the PDF and I'm not disappointed at all.


--- Quote from: Targhan on 17:45, 24 August 21 ---I'm interested, but is it "good practice" to subscribe for only a month to get the issue as a PDF, then unsubscribe?

--- End quote ---

You're only charged when there's an issue, the rest of the time they payments are off.

A 'table of contents' would be nice to see.

Aah thank you, it was indeed explained in the text below. A PDF will do for me. Thanks!



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