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AmtixCPC Magazine - Launched!

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to share with everyone that I got an email to day saying that AmtixCPC has finally been launched! And it looks stunning! Great to see a proper Amstrad mag available again  :)

Anyone read it? Is it any good?

How many pages?

Ah I see - 60, good.
I'll order one today.

60 pages; game reviews (new and old), and a few articles. I would say it is good content, but I'm taking my time to enjoy it and I haven't read it all yet (it is quarterly!).

The PDF is super cheap (£1.75 + TAX), and IMHO is a great way to support the initiative. Feels professional (or not too amateur at least: found a couple of typos), considering we have a lot of hit and miss in retro, I would say it is good. I didn't read the original mag so I don't know how it compares.

Paper must be very nice, but I don't have space, so I'm sticking to digital for now.

It includes Kitsune's Curse review (77% - not bad, considering that is a hard game), so win for me :D

I'm interested, but is it "good practice" to subscribe for only a month to get the issue as a PDF, then unsubscribe?


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