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AmtixCPC - New quarterly printed CPC magazine from Fusion Retro Books

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Some of you may be familiar with Fusion Retro Books, as well as books they've also been publishing the monthly Fusion magazine as well as recently launching the new bi-monthly Crash and Zzap64 magazines. As well as those though, they're also now looking to publish a new quarterly Amstrad magazine, AmtixCPC which I'm personally really looking forward to, and given they've now officially launched the Patreon for subscriptions to this mag I thought I'd share that info here for anybody interested.

It's quarterly, so they'll turn off the billing cycle for months where there's no mag, I think if you sign up the first one will be billed in August. I'm not affiliated with Fusion myself btw just so you know (although I've been a subscriber to the main Fusion mag for some time), I'm just sharing this because I think it will be of interest and I also want to see this succeed as I think the mag will be really good and a great thing for the Amstrad community to have, those who are interested in it. Hopefully this will be a success anyway, obviously that will depend on demand but I hope those of you who are interested enjoy it when it eventually launches :)

Thanks for the heads-up.
This was an easy YES.

I'd like to back this, but where is it going to ship from? If it's the UK, forget it, unfortunately... Customs and all :(


--- Quote from: Gryzor on 12:40, 22 June 21 ---I'd like to back this, but where is it going to ship from? If it's the UK, forget it, unfortunately... Customs and all :(

--- End quote ---

You can go for the PDF version. I probably will do that.

Btw: customs will only apply if the value is above 150€. But 19% tax will have to be paid (which is not that much of a problem) and a handling fee of 6€ will be charged by DHL (and this is a problem). So every edition would come with 7.5€ on top of the price - 14€ total is a bit too much for a printed magazine.

This can only be prevented by one of these
- having it sent for 5€ max as tax below 1€ will not be collected
- as a present (which it isn't obviously)
- tax being paid upfront by the seller

As 2 would be illegal and 3 much effort, maybe option 1 could be arranged. Not sure if it's possible, but a dual-membership could solve this easily: 2.5€ for the permission to receive the PDF and then another 5€ for the physical edition and shipping. Or spread payment equally across two months. First month the "support", second month the cost for printing and shipping.

(I am using € in this thread as the customs declaration needs to be done in € - if I specify anything in £, we could end up with a slightly changed rate, we could end up slightly above the 5€ and the receiver would have to pay tax and fees).

Yeah - as you said it's the extras you need to pay (DHL may be €6 but others charge quite a bit more than that!), not the VAT itself... and that renders it pretty much not affordable.

I don't care much for the PDF version to be honest - I wish it could be set up to be shipped from mainland Europe...


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