Announcing Sonic GX - a new episode of Sonic the Hedgehog for Amstrad GX-4000

Started by norecess, 17:18, 01 November 19

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This is the first game from CONDENSE
for the Amstrad GX-4000 / Amstrad Plus machines.......
The game is called Sonic GX

Coding: NoRecess / Condense
Graphic Enhancements: CeD / Condense
Audio: Targhan / Arkos

Thanks to our friends TotO, Overflow, Longshot for support & testing

Details with exclusive content to be published in BLAST ANNUAL 2020
Some gameplay videos
here and
Final version available end of 2020



Very nice GFX, have I seen this palms before? Or is my memory corrupted?  :laugh: --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Update: 2022.03.09) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2021.12.26)


it's nice, it's moving fast and it is FUC4ING FULLSCREEN !!!!!

use RASM, the best assembler ever made :p

I will survive


For our son you will be heroes now.  8)
Anybody who wants to sell a GX?  :D



your amstrad news source in spanish language :



Aaaaand here comes my first stroke.
You are responsible for this.


Absolutely amazing work, guys. Can't wait to test the final version :)


Well the boss in first level should be higher...  :P seriously... FANTASTIC!  :o
I love the first Sonic and this looks amazing!
I hope to get one of those machines some day (I am only on 464 now...)


Wow! This caught me completely unaware!

On the bright side, this will be the best GX4000 game ever released. Forget Chase HQ II!  ;D


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Impressive. Smooth, fast, it's Sonic. Fullscreen. (only Amstrad makes...  ;D )
Excellent cover of the tunes with even more, sound FX that sound like on the megadrive.


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Quote from: Token on 03:13, 02 November 19
Impressive. Smooth, fast, it's Sonic. Fullscreen. (only Amstrad makes...  ;D )
Excellent cover of the tunes with even more, sound FX that sound like on the megadrive.

Actually this is the same version as the MasterSystem/GameGear.
I used to finish this game on my GG back then, complete with all emeralds.
Later had it on the Megadrive but the 8bit version was for me.

Now on this version you have console quality scrolling, polished gfx and "copper" style backgrounds.
The sound sounds identical with the Sega's psg but with a twist. There is more bass and in a particular moment you hear starkos like aggressive attack.

This port kills the console in every way.


Really impressive!

The first decent game for GX 4000, 30 years later...

Thumb up for fullscreen!  ;D


Helllloowww --- still @ Alchimie, quite tired, completely jet-lagged  :doh: but fun !!! :)
Thanks all for your initial reception! Twitter is hot and burning, my initial Tweet got retweeted 100+ times, it's completely crazy -- never experienced that, even with phX

QuoteVery nice GFX, have I seen this palms before? Or is my memory corrupted?  :laugh:
Hehe, good catch. Prehistorik 2 (Amstrad Plus version, not PC or any other version) also features the same palm tree (http:// Viva Elmar ! :)

QuoteActually this is the same version as the MasterSystem/GameGear....
This port kills the console in every way.
OK, this statement is incorrect, and I have to bump on this.YES, visually it's slightly better - we actually took the original tileset of the GameGear's version, applied a vertical ratio of 1:2 and then CeD added his usual touch. And yes, the rasters in background added more deepness into the game, no question about that. But gameplay-wise, Master System's version will remain the best. The GX-4000 also comes with its limitations, and hey, I don't pretend having better skills than the gods @ Sega ;-) I will be doing my best to bring interesting gameplay, but many little things will be missing. Don't forget @TotO is also involved in this project, he is the best designer I actually know so the project is in good hands. :)
Sonic GX IS NOT a remake, a conversion, a port or whatever - someone on Twitter defined it as a "fan-game" and I 100% agree with that definition.

QuoteThe first decent game for GX 4000, 30 years later...
Sincerely, thank you ! Your voice counts a lot for me, I understood what you mean and I really appreciate this. But fullscreen is a feature, not a goal. Let's not forget @Xifos ' Ghost'n'Goblins -- to me that's impressive in every aspects, and I'm not even talking about @Golem13 's GnG, which from what I experienced @ Alchimie 2019 will take the GX by storm (nicely detailed, everything is tailored with love in it, it's highly promising).

Finally, I would like to take some time to credit the one that allowed all of this. Of course I'm talking about @gerald , with his C4CPC (allowing for the first time to use cartridge images on real hardware); the GX-4000/Plus really started its "second life" only when? 4-5 years ago? As usual with my communications - I will write in BLAST ANNUAL 2020 detailed article about the game, the challenges, what we are planning and all the thing. Go grab it when available (sometimes next year).

Overall ---- super excited by the reception, you all motivated us like crazy and I can't imagine how I could stop development now.  ;D ;D ;D

OK, back the to the party -- few hours remaining for some solid AMMMMMMMSSSSTRAAAAADDD shouting @ Alchimie. LOL. 



Stunning stuff! Not a big Sonic fan but this shows just how much the hardware is really capable of!


What a beautiful and interesting project!
Congratulations to everyone involved, for the little that is shown at the moment, there is a superb job in every aspect.

Btw, the main video can give the feeling that the screen is not very big, but it is full overscan! Maybe because the sprites are zoomed x2? In any case, it must be impressive to play it on the real hardware.


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