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Announcing Sonic GX - a new episode of Sonic the Hedgehog for Amstrad GX-4000

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This is the first game from CONDENSE
for the Amstrad GX-4000 / Amstrad Plus machines.......
The game is called Sonic GX

Coding: NoRecess / Condense
Graphic Enhancements: CeD / Condense
Audio: Targhan / Arkos
Thanks to our friends TotO, Overflow, Longshot for support & testing

Details with exclusive content to be published in BLAST ANNUAL 2020
Some gameplay videos here and here
Final version available end of 2020

It's NOVEMBER first, you silly, not April.

Very nice GFX, have I seen this palms before? Or is my memory corrupted?  :laugh:


it's nice, it's moving fast and it is FUC4ING FULLSCREEN !!!!!

For our son you will be heroes now.  8)
Anybody who wants to sell a GX?  :D


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