Benediction Coding Party #3 | October 27th - 30th | Gavray sur Sienne, France

Started by toms, 19:45, 17 August 23

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The traditional Amstrad demoparty is back! Still organized by Eliot / Benediction, it will take place from October 27th to 30th 2023 in Gavray sur Sienne (50450), France. Meet CPC enthusiasts in a convivial atmosphere and share knowledge with them!

Other oldskool platforms are also welcome! The organising team will bring some of them: C64, Spectrum +3, Atari ST and Atari XL. Come to show us what you can do with these cool computers!



Ast/iMP4CT. "By the power of Grayskull, i've the power"

All friends are welcome !


My first retro meeting ever will be here! :o Really looking forward...



If you plan to buy some expansion cards from me (FlashGordon, Gemini 1MB or 2MB for CPC or Plus, Willy, Nova, ...) please let me know in advance so I know how many cards to assemble. 

Also if you need help to fix a CPC, install a Reset button, or such things, I can bring some spare parts and a soldering iron.



Si vous prévoyez de m'acheter des cartes d'extensions (FlashGordon, Gemini 1 ou 2Mo pour CPC ou Plus, Willy, Nova, ...), merci de me prévenir en avance pour que je prépare mon stock de cartes en conséquence.

Et aussi si vous avez besoin d'une réparation, d'une installation de bouton Reset, etc, que j'apporte le fer à souder et les pièces nécessaires.


I can not take my monitors (modern, HDMI), I hope some will be available - 2 for me please :)

Looking forward for tomorrow!






Voting for the BND Coding Party competitions is now open:
Anyone can vote, even if they didn't attend the meeting


It was an awesome party. A lot of participants, all friendly, a lot of very nice discussions (... and too many snoring sleepers... :) ).. And as always, a flawless organisation by Eliot. The food was particularly good this year. Thanks again!

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Well, it was fantastic experience! Where to start? Maybe from the most important - really cool and welcoming people at the party! Like someone said, it really feels almost like a family.

About the event, the place was large, very nice, food like in restaurant or better.
Some very interesting projects (Ghost and Goblins, Alcon 2020, new ACE-DL emulator, Mighty Castle Adventure, that Kinetic-like game from roudoudou...), few demos and graphics

I had a small issue of not understanding French language (so I could not listen to conversations :( ), but everyone I talked with was fluent enough in English which turned out much better then I was expecting :)

I was there with my wife (we visited Paris after) and it turns out that she was also enjoying the party like I was, talking with people and sharing stories.

I really hope to visit again...


your amstrad news source in spanish language :



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