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Quote from: SharkusMaximus on 14:03, 15 February 20
Any hints at what we can expect to see in volume one that's CPC related?

Everything - that is all content is listed on the KS page [size=78%][/size]


Quote from: norecess on 21:55, 01 March 20
I backed it too ! :)

VOL 1 has an article about Batman Group, I look forward reading it.VOL 2 (later this year) will have the article about Sonic GX.

Both articles will be in Volume 2  ;D ;D


Many thanks to everyone who has backed the KS so far.

Currently 32% backed with 27 days remaining.

There is a fantastic special offer at a massively reduced price for this weekend only for people who have not backed the book.

This includes:

1 Stunning Blast Annual 2020: Volume 1 Hardback 198+ pages


1 set of 3 posters - Moritz to the Moon, Blast Annual cover artwork and Warhawk Next

* Your name printed in BLAST ANNUAL 2020: Volume 1 "Hall of Fame"

* Free Crazy Blaster V1.2 digital game (CPC, C64 & Speccy)

* Free C64 digital music from Chris Abbott of

* Free Blast Annual 2020: Vol 1 bookmark

* Pledge amount includes postage

All the above for just $40 AUD

or approximately $27USD or $24EURO or $21UK POUNDS at the current exchange rate

This is one hell of an awesome one time offer, but it is only available for this weekend. The cut off time on Kickstarter for the offer will be 12 noon, Monday the 9th of March, Australian Eastern Standard time.

Make your pledge on kickstarter here [size=78%][/size]

and lets get Blast Annual 2020: Volume 1 fully backed !


Thanks for the update, and I've now taken advantage of the weekend special.


Quote from: SharkusMaximus on 14:23, 08 March 20
Thanks for the update, and I've now taken advantage of the weekend special.

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**** Foreign Exchange rates between Australia and other major currencies have fallen again overnight meaning that Blast Annual 2020: Volume 1 is even cheaper now for people living outside of Australia using UK pounds, Euros or US Dollars. Right now is a great time to back the project you are getting awesome value for your money so those who have not backed it yet here is the link for the KS and lets get this projected fully funded !!!! ****


Just 8 days left to back the KS.

Currently at 43% backed so far its a tough ask for sure going to need a lot of support to get it over the line

you can back it here



KS has offered the project a 7 day extension which I accepted - the final date for the KS will now be the morning of Saturday April 11 Australian Eastern Time. Please share with your friends and lets make this happen.

A reminder of the value you receive for your $38 Australian which equals at current exchange rates $23.51 US dollars $21.32 Euros and 19.06 Pounds Sterling approximate amount.

An A4 200 page or more book

Hardcover bound

over 80 game reviews and 40 articles

includes postage cost

Free digital game download of Crazy Blaster V1.2 on Speccy CPC and C64

Free digital music tracks from

We have also made the 8 Bit Annuals of 2018 and 2019 as Free pdf's which you can download from this link

Lets make this happen :)

We want to thank everyone for their support so far really appreciate it.

To everyone around the world stay safe in these most difficult times.

Link for the KS is here


Sad to see that this didn't work out. Hope you get a second chance, and if you do, I'll definitely be there again.


Blast Annual 2020 Vol 1 PDF is now available for download from the Blast Annual online store.

You can download the PDF file from here

Yes we are working on a printed hardback book too.More info will be posted about this in coming weeks when information is received from the printing company.

Blast Annual Vol 2 PDF hopefully not too far away either.

If you would like to contribute to Blast Annual 2021 we are collecting content now. If you are interested please pm me or write back here in this thread.

We are looking for genuine people who would like to write games reviews, product reviews, demo party and event articles, interviews, game dev profiles, anything retro gaming related on any retro platform.... even thinking of including PS1 and Xbox as those machines are 26 years and 19 years old respectively.

Hope you enjoy Blast Annual 2020 Vol 1.

Game Reviews


An in depth look at Blast Annual Vol 1 was streamed live earlier today / last night depending on your part of the world by PASSION JEUX VIDEO TV ★  is here


I can recommend this, it's a great read and there is a lot of content for under 3 quid! (although a little light on CPC-specific content, hopefully Volume 2 will sort that out!)  ;)
An expanding array of hardware available at (and issue 3 of CPC Fanzine!)



100 Vol 1 Blast Annuals are in the building...... just 7 left available.... correction only 4 are now available to purchase from the website grab your copy before you miss out ;D :D ;D

Don't those hardbacks look so nice and shiny 8) 8) 8)

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