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Arcade Attack Podcast: The Amstrad CPC 464

Started by Mark_wllms, 10:05, 24 February 23

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The Arcade Attack podcast has done an episode on our beloved Amstrad CPC464.

You can listen at

and find more details at

Anthony Flack

That was fun (once they actually get around to talking about the CPC, about half an hour in... painful to hear them slowly teasing what the topic is going to be when it's IN THE TITLE OF THE PODCAST)

I was surprised at how little the hosts seem to know about 8 bit computing in general, though. Heck I don't even know which Turtles game they're talking about since there's more than one. And that's the first I heard about the volume control affecting tape loading. Is that actually true? I suspect not - unless somebody here can tell me otherwise I reckon he fooled himself into fiddling with something that makes no actual difference.

I never experienced any issues with load failures of cassettes that weren't second or third generation duplicates, anyway. 


The volume control definitely made a difference on the Spectrum, half the battle with getting loading reliable would be because your sister/brother/cousin had fiddled with the volume setting on the tape deck and messed it up.

Although back in the day I had a WHSmith branded "data corder" which handled loading volume separately from the amp (which would also boost the sound from the Speccy) and that made things a lot more reliable.

I wouldn't expect it to matter on the Amstrad and the C64 tape deck was a weird serial beast so I'd assume it didn't matter there either.

Anthony Flack

Yeah, it mattered if you were using an external cassette deck but I don't believe the volume control made any difference to the CPC's internal one. I mean, the tapes still loaded with the sound completely down, so...

I think the guy from the podcast was fooling himself and the only thing that made a difference was trying again. Then they spent a good deal of the podcast going on about how this volume control thing makes no sense. Well I agree, which is why I don't believe it.


Yeah, either the placebo effect or he's mis-remembering and thinking of the Spectrum. I thought it was an interesting podcast overall, but the hosts didn't really seem to have an awful lot of knowledge of the 8-bit scene, which I did find rather odd.

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