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Hello everyone, friends of the CPC scene.

Another year, the #CPCRetroDev comes to its end. Congratulations to all the winners, you deserved it!

We would like to thank the sponsors who have awarded the prizes, the experts who have evaluated the games, the University of Alicante, but most of all, all the developers who have participated in the contest. Without these people the contest would not be possible!
And many thanks to all of you who have followed the contest and even participated in the game ratings. We hope you enjoyed becoming a judge for a day!

But as always, it doesn't end here, it's the beginning of new adventures. Now it's time to enjoy the 37 games that were submitted to the contest. You can check them out on the contest website where they were submitted and in a few days also on our official homepage.  ;)

And don't forget that, as in previous years, we will soon release a physical edition with the collection of games of the #CPCRetroDev 2021. We're sure you'll be looking forward to try it on the real Amstrads!As soon as we have it available we will let you know!


--- Quote from: CPCRetroDev on 18:21, 15 November 21 ---where they were submitted and in a few days also on our official homepage. 
--- End quote ---
Did this bit get somewhat delayed, as I think more than few days have passed :P


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