Author Topic: Edge Grinder released (really - DKS inside) - NEW GAME! WHAAAAAA!  (Read 22872 times)

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The game is not so long and just by getting used to the patterns/anticipating (get close to the enemies so you can fire faster and maybe falling back while shooting) should be enough to complete it. There are a couple spots where you should be quick and get a good position (like that final tunnel with 7-8 enemies) but I'm more used to platform games and with a little practice it can be done.
Anyways playing it with the keyboard makes it easier for me at least! I would avoid joysticks or pads!
Good luck!

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Yes, it is quite hard but not impossible. I do wish we had more shots on screen, but it's bloody good. A good challenge.

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Just wanted to say great conversion of this game.   The C64 one is alright but once again it's bland palette and colour limitations make it somewhat unappealing to me.  The CPC version on the other hand has some quite lovely and interesting colour schemes going on there.   Really nice work.
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