French IRC channel migration

Started by OffseT, 11:17, 27 May 21

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Established in the early 2000s with (now disappeared), the French IRC channel dedicated to the CPC is one of the few services that have survived.

The #cpc-fr channel was hosted on the IRC Freenode network. However, the recent takeover of this network by an untrusted personality triggers doubts about its upcoming independence and personal data management. For this reason, channel #cpc-fr was moved to the brand new IRC Libera.Chat network (

Channel: #cpcfr

More information on what happened to Freenode here:


Freenode! Now that's a name I hadn't heard in a while...

Thanks for the links. Sad ending for a historical provider...


A webChat is now available for those who cannot install a real IRC client :


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