Lost Party 2019

Started by Vasco/Tristesse, 01:23, 24 December 18

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Lost Party 2019 is a brand new demoparty bringing together all 8-bit platforms with special emphasis on Atari XL/XE, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. The Party will be organized by an experienced members from Tristesse who've participated in organising Last Party (1997-2003, 2017) and Lato Ludzików (1999-2002).

Lost Party is meant to become a regular party with regular compos such as demo, intro, graphics and music. Voting will be available for sceners all around the world.

We accept remote entries and we will also allow remote voting for everyone who can't come to the party but would still like to support us by buying a ticket.

The party will take place in Licheń Stary, in the very center of Poland.

We'll have a big party hall capable of fitting 120 people. Next to the hall you'll find a lake, two markets and quite a few hotels/hostels.

More informations:


Welcome to the CPCWiki!

And thank you for introducing us to this event.

The logo is fantastic! Each letter in the style of a certain machine graphics.



Thank You!

The idea of logo was mine, but better than I imagined drew them Piesiu/Agenda.

By tomorrow you can buy cheaper tickets and support tickets (~12 or ~6 euros): https://www.lostparty.pl/2019/en/tickets

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