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Interview with Crispin Sinclair

Started by XeNoMoRPH, 06:54, 26 November 21

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your amstrad news source in spanish language :



Oh it's right there in the title, ok, should be interesting.

Shaun M. Neary

Currently playing on: 2xCPC464, 1xCPC6128, 1x464Plus, 1x6128Plus, 2xGX4000. M4 board, ZMem 1MB and still forever playing Bruce Lee.
No cheats, snapshots or emulation. I play my games as they're intended to be played. What about you?


Eh, I'm ill in bed, so I need stuff to be explained to me a bit it seems




I do not know why my first thought was that Crispin was the weird guy in that heavy metal outfit  :laugh: .
Really nice interview anyway, thanks for sharing.


Thanks XeNoMoRPH for this fascinating interview!

It has good questions and excellent answers from Clive Sinclair's son. Who would know the father better than the son?

Really great information from first hand about the home-computer genius Clive Sinclair.

I'm happy that my first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. I enjoyed my second one, a CPC 664, better, but the Spectrum had and will always have the "perfect pioneer atmosphere".

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