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Phactory + Phortem source-code available for download
21 February 2014, 6:09 pm

Phactory (a development environment targetting Amstrad CPC) and Phortem (demo released last year) complete source-codes are now available for download here. Those projects are not maintained anymore, please don't ask for support. This is released today with agreements of Ced (graphist on Phortem) and Arnoldemu (trackloader toolchain). Win7+ required.

To compile and launch demo:

  • Launch Phactory\Binary\Phactory.exe
  • File/Open Project... and select Phortem\Project\Phortem.cpcproj
  • Click Run button

Source: NoRecess - News

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Really nice to see other demo authors releasing their sources so others can see how things fit together. I've not really had a chance to look at it yet, but it's interesting how much C code there is here, which for me shows that SDCC is obviously more usable than I thought! :)

Anyway, thanks to everyone involved in this great demo and thanks for releasing the source!

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Wow, great news! I am curious to look at it.