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CPCBox – CPC emulator in JavaScript
7 September 2010, 5:16 pm

Today I got a mail (thanks :) !) about a new CPC emulator entirely written in JavaScript. The new emulator is called CPCBox and you can test it on Currently it is best viewed with Google Chrome, but it also worked with Firefox on my system (Opera 10.61 didn’t work). Currently the emulator only loads Snapshot and doesn’t play sound, but hey – this is the first CPC emulator written in JavaScript. The emulator was written from scratch and is mainly an experiment to push HTML5 to it’s limits, but the author wants to improve it in the future.

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Re: Octoate's News - CPCBox – CPC emulator in JavaScript
« Reply #1 on: 10:41, 11 September 10 »

Opera 10.70 indeed doesn't work - I wonder why.

Tried a Canary build of Chrome - it runs, but it seems slow (at 31fps) and with tearing - and no sound?

Very basic still, but very promising!!!