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CPCtelera v1.2 – Amstrad CPC game engine for C developers
6 August 2015, 10:00 pm

  After two months of intense development a new version of CPCtelera, the Amstrad CPC game engine for C developers, was just released. CPCtelera offers a huge C library for the SDCC C cross-compiler, which makes it easier to create games and applications for the Amstrad CPC. It is available for Windows, Linux and OS-X. You can get the latest version from GitHub and discuss it in the CPCWiki.

New features included in this release:

  • Added new modules: cpct_random & cpct_easytilemaps
  • 3 new fast functions for very easy management of Tilemaps and Tilesets directly.
  • New cpct_img2tileset utility for converting images containing complete tilesets or sprites groups into C data for including directly in projects code.
  • 2 new fast functions for generating pseudo-random byte numbers uniformly distributed.
  • 2 faster memset functions, up to 3 times faster than original cpct_memset (cpct_memset_f8, cpct_memset_f64)
  • New function to set the location of the program stack at will (cpct_setStackLocation)
  • New function for drawing Masked Aligned Sprites using Transparency Tables(cpct_drawSpritesMaskedAlignedTable)
  • Added a transparency_tables header file for easing inclusion.
  • Added a C-script for generating mask lookup tables.
  • Added new examples: Text Software Scrolling, fastmemset, Easytilemaps demo, drawSpritesMaskedAligned demo, ProgramStack demo.
  • Added Img2CPC image conversion tool by Augusto Ruiz.
  • Added new version of RGAS: 1.0
  • Updated SDCC to 3.5.0
  • Movable project folders: they can be moved to different locations on a same hard-disk or even on a different machine without any change (provided CPCtelera 1.2 is installed). They now use an environment variable for linking with framework.
List of improvements and bug-fixes:

  • Added a bug-fix for SDCC __z88dk_callee function binding on tail jumping optimizations.
  • Improved performance for C calls to functions using __z88dk_callee and __z88dk_fastcall new calling conventions included with SDCC 3.5.0.
  • Fixed mixed up definitions for Joy1_Fire1 and Joy1_Fire2
  • Optimized several library functions.
  • Documented functions that use self-modifying code (and will not work from ROM, logically)
  • Split C and ASM bindings for most functions: calls from both languages include their own code without overheads
  • Recalculated timings of most functions with respect to Amstrad’s microsecond-rounded scheme.
  • cpct_mkproject checks for valid AMSDOS characters on project names.
  • Fixed a subtle calculation bug in cpct_getScreenPtr
  • Added library cleanup to setup.sh
  • Improved OSX compatibility for the cpct_mkproject and setup.sh scripts

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