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Octoate's News - ROMAN v1.0–ROM manager

Started by NewsBot, 23:02, 07 March 13

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ROMAN v1.0–ROM manager
18 February 2013, 12:00 am

After just five days of development Brueggi of PNG released a brand new ROM manager for Bryce' MegaFlash ROM box. It features an easy to use user interface and runs under AMSDOS. One of the biggest features is the ROM generator, which allows you to convert binary programs directly into a ROM, which you can start with an RSX command that you can define during the creation. This cool feature allows you to store the ROM manager within the MegaFlash, too. You can use ROMs with and without headers as BIN or ASCII files.

[UPDATE 2013/03/07:] ROMAN v1.0 is now available in a version, which can be used with the SYMBiFACE II expansion by Dr.Zed.

You can download both versions of ROMAN directly from the PNG homepage or at the end of this news.

The built-in System Tools can set, reset the write-protection of the flash memory. Also you can initialize the IC and erase all 32 ROMs Get all the RSX-commands from a selected ROM Generate ROM - Here you can easily generate a ROM from a binary File and add your own RSX-command. Lists all the ROM banks and shows the used/unused ROM-IDs. Here you can easily select a file Some credits and the incredible PNG-Logo :-)

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